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A bit of history: routine mammogram, two more mammograms plus an ultrasound, biopsy, clip placement, diagnosed with both DCIS and IDC on April 21. Saw all three doctors, needed to do MRI to see extent of disease and also wait for HER2 results (we know ER and PR are positive).

I saw my surgeon yesterday, and the MRI confirmed the tumour (about 1.8cm), plus another suspicious spot in same right breast. Left breast is normal. Both axillas are normal with unremarkable lymph nodes. Also, HER2 is negative.


I am going ahead with a right lumpectomy x 2 (will remove suspicious area as well) and a right sentinel node biopsy on May 23.

Am I supposed to be relieved with these results? I feel like I really don’t know much more than I did before and like everything can change after surgery anyway.

Perhaps I’m just venting more than anything. Im still not coping well with this diagnosis and am setting up an appt with a psychologist.

Thank you for listening and your support.



  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,838


    This is definitely a stressful time. I think it is very wise that you will be seeking advice from a psychologist to help you cope. Of course you don’t know much beyond the biopsy/imaging results and that is completely normal. The surgical (lumpectomy) pathology report will be the thing that yields the definitive details and drives treatment decisions. Lastly, and I may have said this to you already, you will be treated for IDC and that will take care of the DCIS. Having both at the same time is very common since IDC arises from DCIS. Take care

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 736

    I think it would be hard to feel relieved before you get the info about the second suspicious spot.

    I think it's great that you're meeting a psychologist. Take/get all the support you can get. But I also wanted to say that if you're showing up for your appointments, showing up for your job (to whatever extent sufficient to maintain your livelihood as needed), and not lashing out at the people who love you - you are doing a great job coping. We don't all need to be engines of tranquility and positivity. However you feel is fine.

    It can be a long journey from a cancer diagnosis back to a sense of stability and normalcy, but the important thing is that by getting treatment (both physically and emotionally) you are pointing in the right direction - however quickly or slowly you are moving.

  • dsc
    dsc Member Posts: 50

    thank you so much lotus Connie. Your kindness means so much to me. ❤️