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Mastectomy recovery


Hi All,

I had a unilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction 6 days ago. The incision itself doesn’t have much pain but I feel a great amount of discomfort and small amounts of pain where the drain is under my skin- particularly under my armpit where there is some extra skin for a delayed reconstruction. Has anyone else experienced some discomfort and/or pain with the drain? I have another week before it comes out (as long as draining goes well).

For reference, I am also pregnant and so I have been taking Tylenol only during recovery.


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,747


    Your plate is full! What you’re feeling with your drain sounds quite normal but do watch for signs of infection. I had a bmx and one drain didn’t bother me but the other one did. You will be greatly relieved when it is removed! Hang in there but if it really becomes an issue before removal please call your doctor. Seriously, for me that one painful drain was the worst part of the whole surgery. Take care.

  • snm
    snm Member Posts: 76

    Recovery is tough- I wish you a speedy one. In my post "Tips for Bilateral Mastectomy and Tissue Expanders" I detailed out my journey which included developing superficial thrombophlebitis under left bra line after surgery..I had noticed pain near drain that went down into ribs and then I noticed tender cording under my skin.

    I'm thinking your discomfort is probably from drain..but if it persists please let your doctor know.