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Can I reverse my post-Arimidex osteopenia and slight osteoporosis?


My last DEXA scan was a long time ago after I finished my treatment with Arimidex. It showed osteopenia on my left hip and the start of osteoporosis on the right hip. The DEXA prior to Arimidex showed normal bone density. It’s been 10 years since my last DEXA scan, as whenever asked I put it off.

Now I’m eating an extremely healthy diet with whole organic vegetables, fruits and meat. I’ve also taken calcium and vitamin D supplementation (in addition to whole foods) since end of treatment. I physically work out for 1.5 hours most every day, 40 minutes of which are a very brisk treadmill walk for 1.9 miles.

is it ever possible to reverse my DEXA results that I had immediately post treatment?




  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,075
    edited May 2023

    @byfaith , The only way to know how much osteopenia or osteoporosis is currently in your bones is to have another DEXA scan. Insurance should pay since you did have issues previously.

    Your diet and exercise regime should be helping but there are a variety of meds that can improve your bone health if it hasn't reached close to normal yet. Bisphosphonates do have some unwelcome side effects but my endocrinologist cycles me on and off to stay in a safe range of osteopenia. When necessary I take the old fashioned alendronate tablets since it is the quickest med to get out of your system if you need invasive dental work like an implant.

  • byfaith
    byfaith Member Posts: 48

    Thank you, maggie15. I hope I don’t need to take prescription meds. The side effects seem so terrible. I appreciate your prompt reply.