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Immunotherapy - Anastrozole to Tamoxifen


I am through surgery, chemo and radiation and actually did fairly well through all three, all things considered. I started on Anastrozole in January 2022 but found the joint pain to be almost unbearable. Switched to Tamoxifen in October 2022. Joint pain much better so that's a plus. But I just don't feel like myself. I don't have the energy that I would like to have nor somedays have the enthusiasm to do the things I once enjoyed. Probably what bothers me the most is that I don't handle stress very well anymore. Anxiety (which I have never had before) can be a new friend on any given day. I haven't seen many posts about anxiety with tamoxifen. Do others have this problem with anxiety while on Tamoxifen?


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    Hi there, @thevickster! Welcome to our community, we're glad you've joined us and hope this place can be a source of support for you.

    We're glad to hear that the med switch seemed to have helped with your joint pain, but we're sorry that it brought along another side effect. We know the multitude of side effects can be difficult to manage! We have several threads about Tamoxifen in our Hormonal Therapy forum, which is a great resource to connect with others and read about their experiences on Tamoxifen.

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