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Ductal Excision- Is this normal?


On Thursday, 6/8 I had a central duct excision due to bloody nipple discharge. I have pretty extensive bruising (which i expected) but now I am noticing something strange.

On the nipple itself (not the areola), away from the incision, i am noticing these dark almost black spots forming. This morning one of the black spots peeled off in my bra like a scab exposing raw skin underneath. Now it seems like the dark spot is spreading more over the nipple. It isnt incredibly painful or anything but just wasnt sure if this is concerning? I will call the surgeon but I hate wasting anyones time id it is normal.I had the same surgery 8 years ago on the otherside and this did not happen then.


  • vlnrph
    vlnrph Member Posts: 493

    I had a duct excision 25 years ago, not for any discharge, but because it was dilated following a couple episodes of mastitis while pregnant/nursing and they wanted pathology to see what might be happening. It was benign.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with your spots however old blood could look dark or black. So, your description of a scab coming off seems appropriate. Don’t worry about wasting the doctor’s time. Maybe the nurse can address your concern.