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Anyone NOT get nausea with Enhertu?


I am ready for my fifth treatment of Enhertu. My onc does a half hour anti nausea IV drip before Enhertu. My body's reaction is severe constipation. So for the 4th treatment I requested a different anti-nausea medicine. Guess what my side effect was? Severe diarrhea. Before I go back to the first anti nausea iv drip, is there anyone who doesn't get nausea? I have never had nausea with Ibrance, Verzenio, Affinator, Xeloda. Maybe I should not take the anti nausea driip. Lowering my dosage is not an option. I have always taken full doses of my medicine. I am in year 4, de novo, bone mets only in the usual spots, but so far I can't feel them! Thanks for the advice. I am woodlands, Francie in the MBC Zoom group on Mondays.


  • eulalia21
    eulalia21 Member Posts: 9

    Hello. My mom is beginning with Enhertu due to leptomeningeal finding. We will like to know which reactions should we expect at the beginning of the treatment. Any experiences, comments or suggestions are really appreciated.


  • ninetwelve
    ninetwelve Member Posts: 328

    I had annoying nausea the whole time on Enhertu. I used Ondansetron and Compazine for it. I kept my bowels regular with Calm Magnesium gummies, which I got from Amazon. (it also comes in a powder that you mix with liquids if you don't like the gummies.)

    eulalia - there is a main Enhertu thread where more people might see your post. I can't seem to post the link right now, but do a search for the thread title, which is "Anyone Starting Brand New Drug, Enhertu?"

  • moderators
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    @eulalia21, here is the thread ninetwelve mentions:

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