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What could this be?

hamster_fan Member Posts: 18
edited June 2023 in Benign Breast Conditions

Hello all, I'm 29, no family history of bc. If you are interested you can take a peek at my post history, this has been going on for a few years now... but the tl;dr is that in one breast I've been noticing the tissue get thicker/firmer than the tissue on the other side. It still feels like normal breast tissue according to the gynecologists and breast specialists who have felt it, but it's noticeable. And i just noticed yet another area of tissue on my breast that has gotten somewhat thicker/firmer than the same tissue mirrored on the other side. Like it's spreading...

Obviously I am concerned about ILC the most. My gynecologist has felt it and said that sometimes breast tissue just changes overtime for reasons unbeknownst to us and it's benign and that it feels normal to him but he's ordered me two ultrasounds to ease my mind. They all came out normal and the breast specialist docs who were on staff there at the time said it just seems like fibrocystic tissue to them. But the fact that more of it is cropping up is freaking me out... though I suspect I may be pretty estrogen dominant and I know this makes breast changes and fibrocystic breasts more likely to happen.