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Breast cancer and prayer


I don't know what to say…I feel spiritually that my emotional and spiritual life are related to breast cancer. There are emotional things that I think may have effected my hormone levels. I also feel that I have been struggling with things spiritually and my God is saying something…part of the "bad" was caused by a struggle for good maybe. But I have become so negative…I fear…I foresee illness…I want to get away. Life is too short to not pay attention to what I think I should do. I am not going to send this. Or I am going to send it realizing that I have a problem and I need to learn to not let it get to me. I am learning. Not many people would care about my past or my future. But I cling to hope and know that I care. Life is difficult. Without going there, I need to remember that I care. Life has been better these past few years despite setbacks. I need to remember that and be thankful.


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    Welcome, rosewood@107, we're glad you've made your way to our community, and we're glad you've shared with us. Nothing about this is easy, but this is a wonderful and supportive group of people you can connect with for support and prayers.

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    Dear Rosewood-Is there any chance you could talk to a chaplain at the place where you receive your care? I don't know if you are in the US-but here chaplains are trained to be good listeners and can help you sort through spiritual issues such as you describe. They are trained to help people of all or no religious backgrounds without any judgment, just a caring, listening ear.

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    Thank you, Chicagoan. Just the fact that I can talk about things helps. I know God is good. He is helping me. Thank you for your reply.