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birads 5? Should I be worried?


I got an ultrasound and mammogram:


spiculated irregular mass containing pleomorphic calcifications


antiparallel hypoechoic mass it measures 12 x 14 x 11 mm

axilla demonstrates prominent node with borderline cortex measuring 3 to 4 mm in thickness




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    @j._.m - Welcome to the BCO community. We're sorry to hear that these changes to your breast health have brought you here, but glad you reached out to our community.

    With a BIRADS 5 result, a biopsy is highly recommended, as that's the only way to confirm (or not) a cancer diagnosis. But please, remember that not all BIRADS 5 lesions are malignant. There are several benign breast conditions that can manifest with highly suspicious symptoms. If it helps ease your mind, here is an article from our main site that describes some of the benign results that can come from testing: Mammography: Benefits, Risks, What You Need to Know

    We hope this helps! Please keep us posted on how everything is going, we're thinking of you!

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