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Intraductal mass BIRAD 4


hello all. I am new. 43 years old. I had a mammogram on Monday that came back negative but in the ultrasound they found a intraductal mass of 1.4 cm with a BIRAD score of 4. I have a biopsy tomorrow and I am very scared. I reviewed previous screening reports and noticed that back in 2020 an ultrasound revealed in the same location debris described as benign with a Birad 2 score” follow up in one year”. The mammogram at that time didn’t show anything. My doctor didn’t explain this to me at the time, she told me everything was fine and I could have the next mammogram in 2 years. In 2022 I did a mammogram that did not show anything again- but back then an ultrasound was not ordered. This year the doctor ordered the ultrasound in addition to the mammogram because I have been experiencing pain. I feel upset because it seems my doctor was negligent they found something back in 2020 and it has now grow for 3 years! I am terrified this may be malign. Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated.thanks so much !


  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 370

    Don't overthink this. Birad 4's can be anything from 10% to 90% chance of malignancy so there's a lot of leeway there. Most of the time biopsies come back benign. Even if this was the worst case scenario and you joined our club, what was seen back in 2020 probably has nothing to do with what is seen now. Benign changes are frequent. Sometimes they occur right alongside the more worrisome changes so if something is going on right now chances are they weren't what was seen in 2020. 1.4 cm is small anyway and the vast majority of breast cancers upon diagnosis are early stage.

    But you are at the most stressful time of this game. Hopefully your turn will quickly become a happy ending. That is most certainly the case with most biopsies by far. In the meantime though if there is something that you can do that will bring you happiness, do it. Be kind to yourself and know that no matter, when you have answers, even if it's not the answers you want, it does start to get better. But remember in the meantime that you don't have cancer until a doctor tells you so. Many hugs sent your way!

  • martu
    martu Member Posts: 7

    Kaynotrealname thanks so much for your reply and words! I am trying to stay positive. I am going for my biopsy today - will let you know what happens . Thank you!