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Need help finding compression bra/no reconstruction



My mother (83 yrs old) just recently had her second breast removed and I would like some recommendations for compression bras used just after surgery.

She is not planning reconstruction nor does she want to use prostheses, so I have been trying to find a simple, soft, light compression "bra" that is flat (no cup size), without inside pockets. She has been using the Ace bandage wrap the doctors told her to use, and is supposed to graduate to something with light compression in one more week.

She would like front hook and eye closure, and needs XXL sizing (something that won't roll up on the bottom).

I have searched and searched online, but haven't been able to find what she needs. I'm going to assume I'm not looking in the right places, so does anyone have any recommendations? Nothing fancy, just comfortable compression, especially under the arms where she has a bit of extra skin to tuck in.

Thank you so much! I was on here a few years ago when she had her first breast removed and you all helped me out so much. This second surgery was optional as she ended up being very uncomfortable with only one breast, both emotionally and physically. At her age, she says she doesn't give a hoot about having nice looking boobs, she just wants both sides even for no-fuss, no-worry comfort.


Her daughter