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Anyone who on ibrance & xgeva had infected wisdom teeth extraction?

I appreciate all your inputs on this. I currently have infection in my wisdom teeth & the oral surgeon recommended to remove to avoid further complications even though my pain is not that bad. The pain is on & off, but it not bad at all even without any pain med, so I rather not having extraction, but afraid further complications. However, also concern about the risk of ONJ after extraction since I was on xgeva for 4 years & stopped 7 months ago.

Can you tell what your experience if you had one? & how long does it take to heal? Any complications after the surgery? How long you have to be off Ibrance?... Any advices are appreciated.

Thank you


  • maaaki
    maaaki Member Posts: 105

    Hi 42 young, I just found your question. I am

    now in similar situation, on xgeva since 2020, before that 15 months on zoledronic acid and probably will need the wisdom tooth extracted. I stopped xgeva two months ago. Did you get the extraction? Can you please write me how it went, I hope

    all fine and no problems with ONJ.

    thank you


  • 42young
    42young Member Posts: 124
    edited September 22

    Hi Maaaki,

    I had the extraction 2 weeks ago. It went ok & it's still slowly healing. I had no choice but remove it because it got infected & cause pain. The oral surgeon saw many death bones around the extraction site, so I do have ONJ. I may not able to get xgeva anymore.

    I stopped ibrance 10 days before the extraction to make sure blood counts are good & also took antiobiotic 1 week after to prevent infection. I also use saltwater rinse several times a day.

    I hope this helps & good luck with your extraction!

  • vlnrph
    vlnrph Member Posts: 453

    I’ve had 2 extractions in the past few years (not wisdom teeth), the 1st while on another drug in the CDK 4/6 inhibitor class. Both sites healed without complications but I won’t get dental implants as replacements due to prior IV bisphosphonate therapy. Also, there’s some thought that taking Xgeva after Zometa may increase risk for osteonecrosis of the jaw.

    We have a couple threads here on ONJ with Amontro posting her extensive experience. I’ll bump them by doing a search.

  • maaaki
    maaaki Member Posts: 105

    Dear 42 young and vlnrph,

    thanks a lot for your answers. I read all info from here about ONJ. It is very helpfull. I will need exctraction soon like you 42 young due to infection and fistulation of the wisdom tooth. My oral surgeon said, that around tooth can be necrotic bone even without the denosumab or bisphosphonates and he can clean the death bone while taking the tooth out. The important is that gingiva is closed and heals well, than after couple months we can be reintroduced to the xgeva again.