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Seeking input-pathologist sent sample out for second opinion


New to this. I‘ve conditioned myself to be ready for a dx at some point in my life due to family history, but hoping it’s not this year. Any input appreciated…

I have extremely dense breasts and previous biopsies dx’d as fibroadenomas and benign cysts. Last biopsy was a radial scar that they did a lumpectomy for last week for because it was larger than 7mm. I know not all doctors remove them and it’s somewhat controversial whether it’s needed.

At one week post-op appt today I still do not have the results. They told me they’ve sent my sample to a larger provider in Denver for a second opinion and did not give any other info. Any insights if you’ve had to have a second pathology opinion are appreciated.


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,001

    @focomama , Radial scars are not very common (found on about 9/10,000 mammograms) and can be difficult for pathologists who are not breast cancer specialists to analyze. Occasionally there are areas of hyperplasia (pre-cancerous cell growth), DCIS or LCIS within the benign radial scar. Also, a radial scar can resemble tubular carcinoma. An excisional biopsy is often done since sometimes a tumor grows in the vicinity of a radial scar. Your pathologist did the right thing by seeking a second opinion since treating for cancer which isn't there or failing to treat cancer that is there are both harmful.

    While excision vs. monitoring of radial scars is controversial, in my opinion you are fortunate to have had the lumpectomy. I had architectural distortion which was followed up with biannual mammograms until suspicious calcifications showed up two and a half years later. My surgeon removed a 3.2 cm tumor with numerous radial scars in the margins where the AD had been observed. The radial scars had hidden it from mammograms and ultrasound.

    Hopefully the pathologist will find nothing but the benign radial scar. It seems that you have a good medical team looking after you. Let us know what the result is.