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idc with tubular features


Hello all -

This is my first post. I am grateful to have this community of women to lean on.

I was just diagnosed in March at 48 yrs of age. My original path showed IDC ER/PR Positive, her 2 negative. Stage 1a, grade 1, low KI 67.

I recently decided to have a second opinion, primarily because my anxiety is driving me mad. I thought maybe another opinion would make me feel better.

I haven't seen the physician yet but the review of my pathology came back slightly different and I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar report and what their oncologist said about it ( because my mind is spinning). I don't see the doctor until Sept. 7.

The new path shows a well differentiated ductal carcinoma with tubular and cribiform features. I know that pure tubular and cribiform breast cancers have a good prognosis but I am not sure what happens when it is a mixed picture. Can anyone share if they had a similar experience and what their oncologists said about it. I appreciate the support.