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Ghost and Other Phenomena: What's your Story?

sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873
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I have had many in my life, not sure when the earliest occurred. Perhaps, the inner voice that cautions is the strongest in me. It's totally different than the right left angels talking to each other on our shoulders. It's the voice that says something different. Mine have always been short seriously abrupt messages. "No', "Leave it go". The messages are again abrupt. My reaction was always "Please, more info". But that inner voice, when I didn't listen, trouble followed. An example, intense feeling of an impending car accident for months. A near miss with nothing happening. My reaction was "Can we just get this over with?" Then on a day we were all supposed to go in the same car. My twin announces she'd like to take my son to the big toy store. Ordinarily, that would have been a discussion, let's do both. My inner voice said "leave it go". Shortly, my car was totaled. The hit was on the passenger side. Where they would have been. One example, so many more in a life time. I learned to listen.
What's your story? :)


  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    @moderators Please, change title to "Ghost and Other Phenomena: What's your Story?"

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    Done, @sas-schatzi! Thank you for starting this. It's a very interesting thing to discuss, and appreciate you bringing It up.

  • mavericksmom
    mavericksmom Member Posts: 996

    I love this topic, as I have experienced similar things in my life. I think we all do, a kind of sixth sense!

    I would include "angels" in this, and I am not one who is a member of any established religion. I have been "warned" about a dog running in front of my car miles before it happened, and so many little things like that in my long lifetime. BTW, I didn't hit the dog with my car because the feeling caused me to slow down and be vigilant.

    The incident(s) that were most impactful in my life involved my deceased sister, who died of MDS after having breast cancer and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the same time.

    It had been almost 16 yrs since my first breast cancer Dx. I went for my mammogram after work, which for me was 3:00 as I worked in a school. I got there early and they took me back right away. I thought "great I will get home early" but that didn't happen. I didn't get home until 7:30 as my mammogram was fine, the US was not. (Dx later as ILC)

    *Back ground story: When I was first diagnosed in 2003 my sister gave me a small clear "stone" with a silver angel inside, a year before her diagnosis. I took that angel to all my appointments. It was with me on my surgery day, through all my chemo, and radiation treatments. it reminded me that no matter what, I was loved by so many! Years later, I had a student who was having a huge issue with anxiety. I told her about the angel stone and gave it to her to carry with her and remind her that no matter what, she was loved. I searched for years for another stone like that one and while I saw similar ones, not one like that!

    So, while I was waiting for my records to be copied, the nurse navigator came out and said she had something for me, she handed me a little box, inside was a velvet bag and inside the bag was an angel stone EXACTLY like the one my now deceased sister, had given me! I KNEW my sister was with me! I felt her presence so many times since them, especially when I was diagnosed for a third time in 2022.

    Call them ghosts, angels, whatever. These phenomena exist and I am glad they do!

  • katg
    katg Member Posts: 193

    I think this topic is all about coincidence or 6th sense as maveriecks Mom said. Yours is right on. How does that happen. 6th sense. A feeling and action on our part.

    Something odd that happened to me in my early 30's. I was coming home from work and stopped at a Grocery store as i usually did after work. As i left my car this man asked me a question from a car a couple of stalls away. I do not recall all he said, but he was asking me for some help. I began to feel a little bit uneasy and began walking backwards towards the store. As i moved that way he became more insistent. He said come back here! I was looking at his car and noticed someone hunkered down in the drivers seat. I told him I could not help and he may need to call someone or the police. He really got angry and said come here. I kept walking backwards and walked swiftly into the store. My 6th sense said something did not feel right. Get away from this guy.

    I went in the store shaking all over. I looked back minutes later and the car was gone. Is this how it happens? At the time, I was very fit. I lifted weights and according to my brother, I could lift what men could. I felt strong, but how easy might it be to be overpowered by a man.

    Years later, they publicized about a serial rapist who drove around with his lady as the driver. Was that him?? Or someone like him? A thief?

    Like many times in my life, a feeling can wash over me, that to me says 'focus". What do you see? It is not right.

    It was 34 years ago.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873
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    @mavericksmom phew, my stomach dive bombed when you got to the new the paragraph with the nurse navigator bringing the box. No one knew, odds immense. Lovely. So, happy for you.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    @katg very very off the charts spookie. Glad you survived it. Certainaly, sounds like a planned abduction.

  • katg
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    sas-schatzi…. It was so long ago, but i was completely unnerved, which is why I walked backwards to the store. I waited a long time till I left, going out with another customer to check my car. I went home a different way.

  • ctmbsikia
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    When I was a little kid I am pretty sure I saw my Aunt. She was my mother's youngest sibling who died in a car accident on an icy road at age 23. She stood Godmother for me at my baptism since my other Aunt who was supposed to had run off to New York City that weekend with some boy. That's what I was told years later. My Mom's other sister were super close. I spent many days and nights at their home, and one night that's where I saw her. She was very bright, angelic like, and boy was I glad that 1st experience was with a peaceful ghost.

    In my teen years I would get a bunch of deja vue feelings. Just a few words spoken that I had a sense of hearing before. Seeing something on the road that again, did I dream I saw this? Being in a place that also felt like I knew ahead of time that I would be there. Sometimes down to the clothes we were wearing. It was uncanny and I often wonder that these so-called people that claim to have a gift, maybe they're right. I don't know. It gave me chills and sub consciously I was able to shrug it off. Turn it off. It was starting to freak me out. Funny, in my old age now, I get absolutely nothing.

    The last time I ever felt anything or had a sense of someone telling me something was 30 years ago at my sons birth. I had gone in with broken water and no labor. Spent the night with no meds or anything, and the following day at shift change I was to be induced. IV was started about 8am and things were going well until I asked for the epidural. That Doc should have looked at my chart but instead asked a laboring woman how tall are you? I gave the wrong answer, like 1/2 a foot more than I was. Once injected my BP crashed to 80/50. I was given some O2 and while people were running in and out of the room something (not someone present) said "Don't shut your eyes" then it repeated. So, I listened and didn't shut my eyes. I did the best I could to deliver that kid by pushing when I was told even though I felt nothing clear up to my collar bone. The counteracting meds they gave me worked to get my BP back up, but I was scared for a few minutes. My son was starting to go into distress, but I kept pushing and he came out @ 12:40pm and he's fine. Turns 30 on the 29th.

    If I remember anymore, I'll be back.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873
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    @ctmbsikia First paragraph, about seeing your aunt, Interesting seeing her, but their was no distress. I am no where knowing about anything on paranormal. But what I read in your description, is very happy loving environment—family &surroundings. Guessing all are gone now? Was it the loving environment your words say?

    Second paragraph, that's when my Deja Vue things started happening too. They still happen not as frequent. Hey, at my age 73 frequent can mean anything. My modis opperandi now is tomorrow maybe for stuff I don't want to do. Like take care of mail.
    But your descriptions of the deja vue with clothing etc. The deja vue, "I have been here before" I remember it's not been associated with happy thoughts. It was always a "warning" type thing. Like you said short message. Think "Thinness"
    I read a history of Celtic Christianity a couple decades ago. Celts covered Europe/Germanic area's driven back to Britain and the conquering etc. But as the story goes when the Romans went into Ireland, they didn't see much they wanted there. They left the Irish alone. The evangelization by St. Patrick brought Catholicism. The Pagans of Ireland believed in the "Thinness" between this world and the next. Catholicism preached the praying to God and the Saints. Therefore, they accepted Catholicism b/c it fit within their belief system.

    How it applies to this discussion is truly, I think there is thinness, and they do talk to us.

    Okay never —ever—-said it, There you go, on record

    On the third paragraph, shitty anesthiologist. Scared me though when you said you couldn't feel anything up to the collar bones. Tells me it was a spinal injection v an epidural injection, there's just millimeters between puncturing the epidural and puncturing the spinal column, but then the ability to push would have been impaired. But it wasn't, so something faulty in what I know.

    GREAT DELIVERY and YAY on the son.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873
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    I have a story that is dark. Very dark. If i were able to put a view screen over it I would. So. stop reading if you can't handle dark.

    Do I start with the front story, story, or backstory. Backstory, thrifted a vibrating electric bed from the thrift. The president of the board donated it. As a thrifter and owner of the same manufactered bed at $1900. $125 was sweet. Story went he bought it for his mom and she passed. Key to bed history.

    My Dear Husband passed sleeping in this bed. He's had a horrible day, finally settled. Multiple Hospice staff in front room. I set up a comfortable chair for the aide to sit in that she could respond to anything. I was standing off her right side. Dear husband started flopping like a fish, then flipped out of the bed. There was no roll it was a flip. Poor Dear Husband on the floor and we both said at the same time "did you see that?" He was conscious, and talked him through how to raise himself. Previously taught him as he was > 300lbs. More details not germane. Key here was I have witnessed many seizure's as a nurse. This was not a seizure. Not Tonic/clonic. Even if someone says differnt a flip of a >300lb man out of the bed was something to see.

    We now have the backstory story, and the middle story, it now comes to my end story. Dear Husbands story was dark. Mine is off the charts. Have some more wine.

    The bedroom that this bed is in, was used by me and my SO who Imet several years later, but b/c of several construction projects was relegated to storage of everything that we could stuff in that room. That scenario of no use lasted several years. Finally, it was all cleared.

    One night, I had a couple of drinks, mellow. I walked into the room on the way to the BR, I got a overwhelming sense of happiness with the thought to crawl into the bed and just lay there and think of DH. Could have gone to the side of the bed but chose to crawl from the end. This is where it gets DARK. I felt a something on my shoulder and something on my hip. I was thrown to the floor. There was framing and marble strips material against the wall opposite the bed , but a few feet away. The framing and the marble came down with multiple slamming. I woke up with the stuff all over me. My major injury was to the neck, minor injuries from the slamming, but well remembered. Any other spot for the neck injury would have been critical. Had to clear away the stuff. First called someone that would have an idea of what just occurred. His word was Poltergist.

    Now someone being of a contrarian view, could say you had more than you think to drink and you fell into the construction materials. These materials even if fallen into were not at any angle that would cause them to fly on top of me. The marble was several pieces longest being 6 Ft. My falling into wouldn't make it flip. Had difficulty removing them at the time. Moved them again recently, had to have someone else move them. Even the smaller ones.

    Didn't go in that room for months except in full daylight, checked out exorcism, debated about junk yard, debated about selling. Couldn't just send it to the thrift, to send on the poltergist to some unsuspecting person. Couldn't send it just to the dump to have an evil at the dump. Latest thought is to advertise for sale " Blah, blah about the bed, can't guarantee the poltergeist will come with it . Now that is very bizarre. Ergo, a knowing person would purchase them.

    Guess that's where I need help. WTH do I do now .

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Sheesh had no clue I was going to create this topic but for a random statement on the Anger thread. Totally baring my close held secret of the last year since Mar 2022.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Okay another story, I started selling Real Estate about 1988. Did it for a few years. Explained to the prospective sellers about Disclosure. They look at each other and the wife says should we tell her? They declare they have a ghost. With the 20 questions the stories were clarified. I went back to the Real Estate office and presented it to multiple agents. First everyone laughed, but it was just when disclosure laws were enacted in Ohio and Ghosts weren't in the legislation. I was a newbie. I didn't get the listing. BUTBUTBUT right around that time there was a case in New England where buyers sued an Agent/ company/ seller for Non-disclosing that there was a ghost. I saw the follow up a year latter.

    The seller and agent lost the case. Damages were given to the buyer. The selling agent said after the verdict paraphrase " If we had known that there was so much interest in ghosts, we would have advertised it that way". Hence my question, what to do with the damn bed.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    @mavericksmom, @katg @ctmbsikia Mav wouldn't hyperlink hmm? Gals, I know you have more stories. It's like pringles.

  • serendipity09
    serendipity09 Member Posts: 768

    @sas-schatzi what a terrifying experience! I'd say the bed needs to go, making sure you do so in a respectful manner though. Sage? Holy water? Prayers? I don't know, but doing so in a way that will allow the spirit to not stay in your home.

    I have always been sensitive to spirits, not in a bad way and not all the time. I just know when there is one present.

    I'm not one to believe in coincidences, I believe in signs.

  • katg
    katg Member Posts: 193

    Great topic. I just want to say that a number of times. Super tired and out driving or doing this and that and not being focused, I do not remember all the instances, but i remember hearing, KATHY. I would turn around to see who was there and no one was there. I would then though focus on what was in from of me.

    I like to think that is my universal God keeping me focused.

    This a topic to come back to when we get those moments of clarity.

    The bed story was scary. Life brings crazy times.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    Yes ladies, the bed story was and is scary. I'm sitting next to the room and I avoid it after dark. @serendipity09 I've resigned myself to getting rid of it. The how of the ridding is the question.
    New story: around 1970, i awoke in my bed at my parents home, a swirling cloud was over my twins bed. Then it was gone. Next morning when I should have headed back to my campus. I drove two hours to her campus. There had been a big campus altercation after a game. Sister Sue was in the middle of it. My guess is she sent me a signal. We both were weirded out.

  • m0mmyof3
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    I’ve always felt that I was a bit sensitive to the other side. Got few stories of my own to tell.

    When I was in grade school, we lived in a triple decker house, always hated the basement, got creepy vibes from it. Don’t know if anything happened there, but you couldn’t pay me enough to go in that basement. Just got a weird vibe from it, was glad we moved a year later.

    Sophomore year of high school, day before Valentine’s Day I felt out of sorts the whole day, like I felt something bad was going to happen. Sat down to lunch at school with some friends and before I could even take a bite of food, I got a sudden chill up my spine and I froze. My friends asked me what was wrong as I looked as if I was going to cry. Told them I had no clue what made me do that. Later that night while doing homework, my mom got the call that her parents had been in a bad accident on the way back from helping a family friend make funeral arrangements for her husband who had died the day before. Needless to say, my grandmother was badly injured but survived. My grandfather was died as a result of his injuries from the accident. My stepdad saw the blood drain from my face and caught me as I almost fainted while bawling and saying that I had known that day something was terribly wrong.

    Another doozy of a story connected to the accident that killed my grandfather, but with a bit of a happy ending. In August of 2000, I went to spend two weeks with my grandmother for her birthday. First adult trip alone. A week into my vacation, she wasn’t feeling well, so after dinner and helping clear up from that, I said if she wanted to go to bed early, I would go over to visit with my aunt and cousin who lived across the driveway and watch tv. She was okay with that and so off I went. After watching a couple of movies and having a nice visit, I went back to my grandmother’s to go to bed. Just after I got into bed, I heard the stairs from the kitchen creaking. Where I was sleeping was right over the kitchen and I was thinking “Oh Crap! Someone’s broke in to my grandmother’s house and I have to defend both of us.” So I as I am reaching for my glasses and the stairs continued to creak, I see a head come up over the railing of the stairs. I was staring in shock at the sight of my grandfather turn in my direction, smile at me and continue on into the room he shared with grandma before he died. I guess it was his way of giving me a chance to say goodbye because only my mom and older sister were able to go to his funeral.

    Had a few experiences on Civil War battlefields. First time was at Gettysburg, was starting down the stairs from one of the observation towers there and heard what sounded like a cannonball striking the metal roof of the tower. I hurried down the remaining stairs as fast as possible to look up when I got down to where my now DH and I had parked to see nothing out of the ordinary. Had another experience at Lookout Mountain in Tennessee where there had been a brief battle on our honeymoon and heard voices on the hill to my left where there was no trail. My hubby was out taking pictures of what remained of the Confederate rifle pits and as he was taking pictures, he saw a face stating back at him but nothing showed up in the pictures!

    The night that I was in the hospital following my cancer surgery, as I was trying to sleep, I felt as if someone was patting my right shoulder as if to say everything was going to be fine. When my hubby and my mom picked me up, I told my mom about the incident and she said it was probably my Daddy coming to check on me as he had passed away when I was really young. She said he always did that every night before he went to bed and would always pat my right shoulder as I slept.

    Had a few others involving my late step-grandmother and my late older sister. So I think with all that I have experienced, there must be some truth to the paranormal.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    mommyof3, Yes the thinness. You have a gift.

  • sas-schatzi
    sas-schatzi Member Posts: 15,873

    I got rid of the Poltergist bed. !!!!!!