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Feels unmotivated and tired all the time

I have stage IV triple negative breast cancer and is now on the third type of chemo drug, Paclitaxel. My life-long dream after 35 years is finally coming true, but I don't feel like doing anything. I am not motivated and always feel tired and depressed. I try to take a walk and bath to make a change in such emotional state, but nothing seems to be helping me. Not physically being able to do things as I used to be able to makes me feel more depressed.

What do you do to feel motivated or good about yourself?

Thank you!


  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 655

    @nmhei Sorry your having a rough time with this. If nothing seems to help change your mood perhaps it's time to talk with MO about meds to help. I know taxol is rough so it's hard to have energy when your body is being tackled by this. Mental health is as important as physical health.

    Exercise and music help me but we are all different. Maybe music, yoga, meditation or painting to name a few. Sending you good vibes and extra strength.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,888

    Hi again @nmhei,

    We wanted to share this page with you that you might find helpful, sourced from our lovely stage IV community members:

    Also, we think @cookie54 is correct — talk to your doctor about some possible medications that can help. You can read more about Mental Heath Care Options for Metastatic Breast Cancer.

    You can also talk with others about your metastatic experience by joining one or more of our weekly Zoom calls. Register here.

    We hope you find this helpful and that you start to feel a little better soon. Sending hugs to you!

    —The Mods

  • nmhei
    nmhei Member Posts: 2

    @cookie54 Knowing that there's someone who understands the situation makes me feel that I'm not alone and realize there are people out there who also go through similar tough times. Thank you for your suggestion!

  • lovelau
    lovelau Member Posts: 40

    I am in remission. Stage 1b, 6 years DMX, radiation 3 years ai, no oncologist just pcp. She does not answer.

    Eat right, walk daily, try to do more but very tired

    Very tired, exhausted. When I wake up.

    Have anxiety up and down.

    Any good suggestions?

  • metastaticmom
    metastaticmom Member Posts: 2

    I hear you! I know that I have to move and eat well and stay positive but I feel like crying every time I see my kids and I'm exhausted all the time. living with the unknown is also so hard for me. Stage 4, never scans every three months! its too much sometimes