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Thoughts about going flat after single side Mastectomy


I am 37 years old, diagnosed with DCIS stage 0. Planning to do Mastectomy but wanted to go flat without reconstruction. my bra size is 34D and need suggestions about the  prostheses and bras to use.


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,453


    Please see my response on the other thread, almost identical, you’ve started. You might want to consider closing one thread so responses will be in the same place. They are both easily viewed on active topics.

  • al0225
    al0225 Member Posts: 5

    exbrnxgrl one thread is about doing reconstruction or not.

    Other one is about doing double Mastectomy without detecting on other side of breast.

    Please let me know if you think the post is not clear.


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,453

    Sorry, my bad!

  • flowergirl1975
    flowergirl1975 Member Posts: 48

    @al0225 I had a double mastectomy 5/31 and went flat. Possibly thinking about reconstruction down the road but may stay the way I am. I was a D before surgery. I have to say those things were heavy and part of me dosent miss them. I have been ordering bras/ inserts from a company called The Busted Tank. I have found them to be very comfortable. My medical supply store will not fit me for an actual prosthetic and bra until so manny weeks after radiation. Hope this helps:)

  • tb90
    tb90 Member Posts: 276

    AL0225: I am much older than you. I had a unilateral bx at age 52. I never considered reconstruction because I just wanted to recover and be physically active as soon as possible. I have to say, the recovery was very simple. Then as I still had a positive margin, still had radiation! This is rare. Your decision is so individual. There is no best answer. Just what is best for you. But I will share my experience. In Canada, we get fitted for prosthetics by specialized lingerie shops and the prosthetics and bras are covered by Cancer Canada. The German company Amoena is wonderful, but there are many options. Prosthetics that adhere to your skin and others that fit into pockets in a bra or bathing suit. Options now are stylish and flattering. I slip on a bra with a prosthetic and don’t even think about it. I buy any clothes I like and make no accommodations. They have come a long way. So choose what is best for you. All the best with your decision.

  • maggiehopley
    maggiehopley Member Posts: 73

    I went flat after my double mastectomy last September. I, too, got lightweight inserts from The Busted Tank but I almost never use them. Most people really don't notice that I am flat, but I've always been a sweatshirt and layers kind of girl. I initially thought I would get "real" prothetics and maybe I will, but the more time passes it seems less likely.