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TERRIFIED day before mammogram yet 12 years with no recurrence



  • byfaith
    byfaith Member Posts: 48

    It’s the day before my annual mammogram and I’m terrified, with no specific reason but fear of recurrence. Go through this every year. HELP!

    Age 54 I was dx’d in 2010 with Stage 1, T1, N0*, M0 (Left-sided Infilrating Ductal Grade 2, ER/PR positive. (*Sentinel lymph node biopsy found one node with < 0.2 mm micromet which doctor considered insignificant.) Tumor was excised in 2 pieces during surgery to get very clear margins, so tumor size is somewhere between 1.0 - 1.9 cm. Treatment: lumpectomy, radiation, Arimidex for 4 years. No recurrence in 12 years.

    My year 13 mammogram is tomorrow and, as always, I’M TERRIFIED. I was always told I had a good prognosis, but I’m a zombie sitting in the mammogram waiting room. I have no symptoms anywhere in my body, eat a strict healthy and broad organic diet, walk a brisk treadmill for 30 minutes each day, ideal weight. I’m now 66 years old.

    I had a complete hysterectomy with ovarian removal pre-menopause due to fibroids. Does that help?

    Do I have reason to hope or is the fear always the same? I used to think the longer without recurrence, the better. Now I don’t know. HELP, sisters. xoxo

  • koshka1
    koshka1 Member Posts: 93

    I’m like that too! I make myself sick! How did it go?

  • kalla
    kalla Member Posts: 8

    @byfaith thinking of you and hope you've heard results!