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Verzenio and Tumor Marker

Has anyone had their CA 27-29 score go up since starting Verzenio. Mine has slowly been increasing and was recently above normal. Thanks


  • mswife
    mswife Member Posts: 53

    how long have you been on Verzenio? I believe it is quite common to have an initial spike in tumor markers when starting these meds, and then have things settle down after a few months.

  • AJ
    AJ Member Posts: 142

    My tumor markers went way up after starting Verzenio. My oncologist said that it’s normal as cancer cells die. Now after 7 months they’re steadily going down. So, if you’re at the beginning of Verzenio don’t worry

  • mlane141
    mlane141 Member Posts: 2

    Thank you. I have had to start and stop Verzenio a few times because of Diep flap reconstruction surgery, an oophorectony and a couple other things. My TM never climbed this high though, even during chemo and my mastectomy.