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TNBC Survivorship plan

I was diagnosed with TNBC in July 2022. I had a lumpectomy in August, then chemo Oct-Dec. Because of the genetics results, I elected to have a bilateral mastectomy with breast reconstruction using my own abdominal fat in January 2023. I have recovered quite well. By April 2023, my med onc discharged me to family practice, and surg onc discharged me in May 2023. Given the TNBC's aggressive profile of returning cancer to the brain and bones, I want to know what my survivorship plan should include and what aggressive monitoring approaches are available to reduce my recurrence to bone/ brain other organs. Any suggestion from someone with a similar profile, or clinical expertise would be very much appreciated.


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    Welcome, @niche! We're so sorry you find yourself here, but we're glad you've joined our community and hope you find support here. Congratulations on completing treatment, we know how difficult it certainly was!

    We have two threads that you might might helpful and interesting, given your question. We have a robust TNBC community here, and many who have been around for many years and who are open to sharing their own stories of survivorship. Our Calling All TNs thread is probably our most active, and you'll find many wonderful members there to connect with who can offer advice and guidance. We also have a thread called Long Term Survivor Examples that we would encourage you to read through.

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    @niche Glad you are doing well after treatment. In my experience once treatment is completed for the first year I had labs and saw MO every 3 months. It then trailed off in year 2 to six months, then once a year. I have a friend who is post TNBC 7 years now but still checks in with MO every year. I never made it that far so I can't speak from personal experience pat year 4.

    Honestly I do find it a bit unusual not to be followed by MO until at least the 5 year mark As the years go by the chance of recurrence does drop off for TNBC especially after the 5 year mark. Most recurrences typically will be in year 2-3. But look at me I was at the 4.5 year mark so you never know. That being said if I was going to be followed by my family dr instead of MO I would be certain that he/she is ordering the same labs that my MO would order. I would have all results released to my MO so they can monitor also.

    Hope that helps. Sending good vibes for continued health!