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Menstrual Cycle while on Anastrozole and Zoldex 1 Year

I've been on daily anastrolzole and monthly injections of Zoladex for one year and I just started a period. I'm almost 45 so I wasn't menopausal prior to starting treatment. I'm a little anxious as you can imagine, since the drugs should have me in induced menopause. Anyone else have this happen to them?


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    Hi there, @wendyz, welcome to our community. We're sorry you find yourself here, we understand that this can be concerning! Vaginal bleeding is a possible side effect on both of those treatments, but typically happens within the first few weeks of starting the meds and resolves on its own. Have you been an anastrozole and zoladex specifically for the last year, or did you switch from a different hormonal therapy?

    We're sure others in the community will chime in with their experiences, but we'd definitely recommend giving your doctor a call and letting them know what's going on, if you haven't done so already. Please do keep us posted.

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