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Breast tethering and no answers- mass on MRI


Hi everyone,

Summary- I’m 39

Found a lump in left boob earlier this year. -

  • June- Diagnostic mammogram- report- Birads B density- nil significant seen.
    U/S- nothing seen
  • July- Noted a large area of dimple- tethering on pectoral muscle contraction C shaped near nipple -approx 7cm long, 1.5cm wide and 1-2cm deep. Complete distortion of breast. Plus second round dimple to the outside of breast- size of 10cent piece.
  • 28th July- MRI breast-13mm Irregular soft tissue like mass, and large (quadrant) area of asymmetric banding and T2 intense uptake which they think might be fibrocystic change with micro cysts. recommended a “real time ultrasound and biopsy” with the reporting radiologist.
    reported the mass is visible on mammogram when scans compared.
  • 31st Ausust- went for biopsy today- both sonographer and the reporting radiologist couldn’t find anything to biopsy under ultrasound. The U/S just showed fibroglandular tissue. No cysts.

    The radiologist said he cant find anything that explains the tethering. But this seems to line up with the banded tissue on MRI. The side dimple lines up with the mass….
  • He suggested repeat MRI in 12 months.

I am so lost. This has been months of worry, months of scans and waiting… and all I’m left with is another 12 months of waiting. I don’t know what to do, or where to go. Everyone agrees I have a huge area of breast tethering… I have abnormal MRI… but I have no answers, and all I’m getting now from family is, well it wasn’t on ultrasound so that’s great, nothing to worry about, probably fat or a cyst…

I just feel dismissed, while I continue to look at my disfigured breast thinking how is that fine??