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30 years later.


I had breast cancer in my left breast when I was 27. Last year I was diagnosed again on my right breast at 57. I couldn’t believe it. Now after the expander's didn’t take and then my body rejected the implant as well. This was hell for me.. invading my body 3 times. This time around I felt like cattle. Come in and out no empathy or bedside manners. I left the hospital the first time 1 day later with 3 drains. I had a nurse come every day to check on the drains. The insurance companies and hospitals are only interested in the monies. Screw the cars of the patients. I am disgusted by all this.


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    @warrior1965, we are sorry for what you're here and all you've been going through, but wanted to send you a warm welcome to The weekend is a bit "slow" sometimes here in the boards, but we're sure other community members will come around soon to share their personal experiences and support. Until then, you might want to complete your Profile so that others can see your diagnostic and treatment history, which will be helpful to them when answering your questions.

    Best wishes to you, and please let us know how you're doing.

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    Hi warrior -

    It really is a shock to be dxd again after you thought for sure you beat the beast isn't it? I hear you. It was 19 years for me and I had finally begun to believe it wouldn't happen again….until it did.

    I am really sorry to hear that you aren't being cared for. Do you have an option to go to a different provider? As I didn't have implants, I can't offer any advice on that for your. Please keep posting — maybe in the reconstruction forum? There might be others there that could provide some advice.

    Take care.