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Starting TCHP Chemo…

I’m starting TCHP chemo this week and am really frightened by the side effects that may happen. Please post advice and tips for getting through this challenging regimen. Thank you.


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    Hi @hopeandhealth, and welcome to!

    We're so sorry to hear of the reasons that bring you here, but we're really glad you've found us. You're sure to find a wonderful community here always willing to offer advice, encouragement, information, and support — we're all here for you!

    We're sure you'll receive support here from others starting TCHP, but we also wanted to point you to the Starting Chemo September 2023 thread where we hope to gather all members starting chemo this month to support one another, just as the August thread is rolling along. the April thread is another good resource to tap for others who have been through TCHP.

    Don't forget to check out this thread also, for some good info on prepping for chemo:

    We hope this helps and please know we are all here to help you through treatment. You got this!

    —The Mods

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    Hi @hopeandhealth,

    I'm so sorry you're having to go through this treatment. I hear you on being worried. I finished TCHP in March 2023. I was very anxious about it when I started. But as people assured me, it was not at all as bad as I feared. They've come a long way in managing chemo side effects since our grandparents' generation. You can do it!

    The list referred to by the moderators is very thorough. I'll highlight the things that were most helpful to me:

    -Ice hands and feet during the taxotere drip to minimize neuropathy. Switching out ice packs if they get warm.

    -Stay hydrated

    -Walk and/or gentle exercise if you can.

    -When in doubt, rest.

    -Stay on top of any diarrhea. Take immodium as recommended by your Dr. If it's not controlled, contact them.

    --I got fluids the day after chemo starting with my second treatment even though I wasn't super dehydrated. My MO recommended them and it did make me feel better.

    -Eat as much protein as you can. As I got to treatment 6, I didn't have much appetite. Protein drinks and yogurt were my best bet.

    -Eat small snacks through the day. I didn't have much nausea but when I did, keeping something in my stomach helped, even just saltines. Also staying on top of the nausea meds helped me.

    -Most importantly, tell your Dr. about any side effects you can't manage. They are there to help you through this.

    I worked from home throughout treatment, taking days or half days off when I needed to so I could rest. TCHP is tough but it's also very good at killing cancer. It killed my cancer and I hope it will kill yours. All my best to you!!! 😘

  • Thank you for your advice. I’m most worried about diarrhea but have talked to the nurse about dosing with Imodium. I’ve completed 4 rounds of A/C so onward to the next regimen.

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    I'm really glad you have talked to the nurse about dosing before you start! I didn't have great guidance during my first round about how much Immodium was ok to take. It really helped to know (with nurse's guidance) that I could take more than I thought. And I was able to get it under control.

  • My anxiety has been through the roof…treatment day is tomorrow.

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    You got this, @hopeandhealth! We'll be in your pocket for treatment tomorrow. Keep us posted on how it goes ❤️

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    @hopeandhealth, just checking in on you — how did treatment go on Wed? Thinking of you!