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Pain in only one expander?


So I've been getting fills for a while now and am down to just one or two more. They are getting progressively more painful, which I expected. I had a fill Friday and the left side is still pretty uncomfortable. The right side seems to have settled down. When I bend over, the left side hurts. Is this normal? There is absolutely no redness, abnormal swelling or fever. I assume the left expander is just hitting up against a nerve or something different? Anyone else experience this?



  • rnjen
    rnjen Member Posts: 16

    When I had my expanders the cancer side was more uncomfortable because there was more extensive tissue removal and lymph nodes removed on that side. Also it was uncomfortable where they sutured in the tabs that hold the expander in place. After fills my cancer side always hurt more than the other side. I also had some pretty bad nerve pain on that side from one of my drains after the mastectomy irritating a nerve. When they took the drains out I continued to have nerve pain for awhile that eventually settled down and went away. Even now with my implant on my cancer side is more sensitive and uncomfortable. Maybe mention to your surgeon just to be sure?