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Re-excision and surprise DCIS near ILC tumor


Hi friends, I had lumpectomy surgery last week and rec'd pathology back. Some mixed news!

Good margins on the 5 mm tumor, and no lymph node involvement! That is wonderful news!

However, they found DCIS in one of the margins. Surgeon recommends removing that, too. Maybe about 1 mm in size. She said some people radiate that out, but based on my relatively young age, excision is her preferred route.

This will all be followed by radiation and hormone therapy.

I imagine this is all pretty common. Just wondering what other people's experience with re-excision or surprise DCIS might be? I'm afraid there may be more that went unseen on all the imaging we did (US, MRI with contrast, 3D + HC mammogram). Or maybe 2nd surgery is successful and cancer stays away? Not knowing is hard.

My initial DX from July is hormone-positive, HER2-, ILC in R breast. Level 3 breast density. I'm 46, menopausal.


  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 162

    Hi @skatergirl30 and Welcome! I hope you are healing well from your surgery. I don’t really have enough knowledge or experience to give advice but wanted to say hello. This is a great online community and I’ve found so much helpful advice here.

    It’s great you discovered your ILC tumor while still small. From reading others posts on here I thought ILC was harder to find on imaging? And that’s great your lymph nodes were clear!