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AC to T treatment. Paclitaxel side effects?

resona_2017 Member Posts: 1

For context, I am half way through my program and have been treated with doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide.

I have completed my first paclitaxel treatment. I suffered more pain from the paclitaxel than the previous medicines.

I suffered from leg muscle pain, foot pain and knee pain. I never felt so miserable.

At night time, I wake up hot and drenched with sweat. This is new to me and quite unpleasant.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I guess to add punishment to the situation, my heart rate and blood pressure keeps going up as treatment proceeds. Doctors say this is normal, but it doesn’t feel good.

There is more drama to my story, but this is my first post and I will take it slow. I am curious about how people felt after paclitaxel.


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,929

    Hi @resona_2017, and welcome to

    We're so very sorry to hear of the unpleasant side effects you're experiencing with the Taxol. You're surely not alone! You might find some others in a similar situation that can offer some advice on the Weekly Taxol thread.

    There's some good info here also on managing Hot Flashes and Night Sweats. And some other good info here.

    Also, info on managing muscle pain.

    You may also want to join our October 2023 Chemo thread to get support from others who are going through treatment along with you. We also offer weekly Treatment Zoom Meetups where you can talk face-to-face with others about managing treatment.

    We're so glad you've found us and that you've decided to post. You're sure to find a wonderful network of support here, with many members always willing to offer advice, information, and encouragement — we're all here for you!

    —The Mods

  • dutchiegirl
    dutchiegirl Member Posts: 76

    I had a lot of pain with Taxol as well. I spoke to my oncologist about it and was prescribed Hydromorphone. In addition, I used a heating pad and took hot baths to ease the pain. I also found that stretching out my legs worked well. I know it's challenging, but once you're done Taxol treatment the pain is done too.