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Neuropathy after taxol



I finished my 4AC/12Taxol treatments in 9/27. I start rads in a week. I used the frozen booties and mitts during every taxol treatment. Towards about treatment 7 of T I noticed a little neuropathy in my finger tips that didn’t get much worse as I finished treatments.

Now that chemo is done it seems like the neuropathy is getting worse in my fingers. I craft a lot and it hasn’t affected me yet but I’m afraid it might. At night my fingers and hand tighten up and I wake throughout the night with the fingers on my right hand completely numb. It takes a while to get the blood flowing back to the hand.

I'm not sure what’s going on. I have body aches and stiffness at night as well.

I am going to call the cancer center tomorrow but I figured you all might have some experience you can share.

I also hate thinking every ache is mets 😞

thank you,