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After-surgery Pain/In search of revision options


Hi. I am am a two-time DCIS survivor, once in 2009, and once in 2019, in the other breast. I went w/ Reconstruction in 2009, which did not go well, so I had the implant swapped out in 2011, for a different kind. That one hurt, but I just lived with it. It stretched my skin too tightly, restricted my shoulder movement, and I couldn't sleep well.

In 2019, when I got my diagnosis in the other breast, I decided MASTECTOMY on the newly diagnosed side and REMOVAL of the implant and capsule on the other side.

The mastectomy side is okay, pretty much, after 4 years, except for itchy scars and flab on the side, I think you call them "dog ears." But the right side, after all the surgeries, is a PAINFUL mess. My skin is SO tightly tacked down to my chest and ribs, and there is just not enough skin there to feel anything CLOSE to normal. I can't take it anymore—I can't exercise or sleep normally, and anything like a bra with a pad in it feels bad.

My breast cancer doc said maybe he could remove some fat from my shoulder and put it in the breast area as padding.

My plastic surgeon, the one who removed the capsule and implant said maybe he can do lip on my stomach and put it where I have the intense flatness.

Has anyone ever had this issue and had it fixed? I don't know what to do at this point, but I need to do something!


Jeanie Taylor



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    Hi @jeaniept,

    We're so sorry you're having such an uncomfortable experience.

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    You might try finding a Myofascial Release massage therapist. We use gentle stretching of the fascia and other connective tissues to try to restore movement and reduce tissue adhesions.