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Life After Hysterectomy, Mastectomy and Anastzole

A little back story. I was diagnosed at the age of 41 with ER+ Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in 2018. I had a lumpectomy, 33 radiation treatments and then took Tamoxifen religiously for 4 years. Just when I was starting to feel back to myself and like I had this thing beat, I found out almost 4 years to the day that it came back in the same breast. So this summer, I had a complete hysterectomy. Then 4 weeks later a bilateral mastectomy with expanders placed and then another 8 weeks later, expanders replaced with implants. I also now take Anastrzole daily. This all started 5 months ago. Currently, I’m miserable. My husband and I, who used to have a fabulous sex life, have had sex 3 times since my hysterectomy. All 3 times were so bad that I ended up crying afterwards because I was humiliated. It was bad due to me not getting “wet” at all. We have tried lube but it is still painful and miserable for me and it doesn’t seem like my husband is enjoying it much either. The hot flashes, night sweats and joint pain from the anastrzole have made sleeping almost impossible. All of this doesn’t even touch how devastated I am over the loss of my own breasts.

My question is, it this just how things are now? Is this long term? Does my body eventually adjust? Will I never be self-lubricating again? I’m 45 and I feel like I’ve turned 80 overnight and it does not seem fair. Does anyone have any experience with this? My doctors never lead me to believe that I would be this miserable.