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Has anyone stopped taking Tamoxifen after 5 years? My breast cancer results came back with a score which indicated I should stop taking the 20 mg daily pill.

I would like to know what effects -

good or bad you had stopping this medication.



  • rae7200
    rae7200 Member Posts: 23

    I was only taking 5 mg (couldn’t tolerate 20). Completed 5 years a few months ago. After about 3-4 months, the night sweats stopped except occasionally. I could also sleep better. Tamoxifen really wrecked my sleep.

  • ava55
    ava55 Member Posts: 42

    I would advise you to ask your consultant as there is new research that says staying on it for ten years is better than 5. I am only on it two years (good brand arcana no side effects). However I am waiting on tests for an enlarged lymph node biopsy. So hope the tamoxifen had done its job. 🙏

  • teaneck
    teaneck Member Posts: 3

    My oncologist performed a

    test which showed that staying on it for 10 years would not have any benefit