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Honoring Our Caregivers: Share your appreciation!

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In the U.S., November is National Family Caregivers Month. We're taking a moment to recognize those friends, family, and loved ones who provide us support.

Share your caregiver story, praise, or tips for caregivers here. This will help caregivers know they aren't alone, to honor them, and provide them some helpful insight on how to best support you, as well as take care of themselves.

We look forward to reading your stories!


  • katg
    katg Member Posts: 211
    edited November 2023

    I am surprised no one has written. I shared a room with my younger sister for much of my young life. She left home at 18 to go into the Army. That shocked me. I never thought my sister had more gumption than me!

    I wanted to say that my entire path through my diagnosis till now, my younger sister has been there in person or by phone from NY. Our older sister was still bossing my younger sister and me, but that sister refused a Covid vaccine, so she could not go to my appts. My younger sister never downplayed my results. It was still covid time, so i could not have anyone go with me to appts. Two very good friends did my surgery transport.

    Listen, listen, listen. I do for this sister, and she does for me. This has taken decades to have the relationship with this younger sister.

    There is so much more but having my sister and friends I can confide in has been a blessing.

    The wonderful nurses and caregivers at the COH. All through my treatments. I thanked them daily. I was thanked to for being so upbeat and happy.

    Kindness given does not reach everyone, but those who do feel it give it to others.

  • moderators
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    Dear @katg, thank you for your post! It's incredible how our loved ones, like your sister and friends, become pillars of strength during challenging times. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for being a wonderful presence in our community.

    Warmest regards,

    The Mods

  • moderators
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    We'd love to hear more stories! Anyone?

  • memorykey
    memorykey Member Posts: 9

    I very much appreciate the strength I have been able to find in myself because I have the support of my husband and my extended family. When I had my initial biopsy, the results of "Cancer!!" came through my patient portal on a Saturday morning. So, no doctor telling me, just this result that was so frightening. My husband was so patient and strong for me — I admittedly did not have a good weekend until I could get my doctor on the phone on Monday morning. But he kept telling me we would be in this together, and I knew he was scared, too.

    My mom had breast cancer a few years ago and so when I called my parents, her reaction was "Well, shit. Shit!" And we had a laugh about that. She and I have not been close for a few years but sharing cancer has brought us together. While I never wanted that to be the reason we have drawn close again, I am happy that whenever I have wanted to, I can call her. And she and I can give each other strength and support.

    My two aunts also had breast cancer, and I reached out to the aunt I am closest to and she has been a pillar of strength, support, and matter-of-fact advice. She was quick to give me information, especially about essential oils that helped her (and wound up helping me) with anxiety and focusing on healing.

    I also have been supported by some of my in-law family members. I had no idea, but my sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year and a half ago; my husband's mom mentioned it to him when he called his folks to tell them what was happening with me. I felt absolutely awful; had she told him before and he forgot to tell me? Should we have been there supporting her? As it turns out, she hadn't wanted to tell a lot of people, which I completely understand. I haven't told some of my extended family, either. But knowing that she has gone through this and she's ok has given me encouragement when I've had some worry. I sent her a note recently to let her know that at times, I have thought of her and reassured myself that if she can do this and come out the other side, I can too.

    My husband has been my rock throughout this and I have found strength in my family. And my dad and my aunt's husband have both let him know that if he ever needs to talk, they're there for him. He might never reach out to them but it has meant a tremendous amount to both of us that there is family support for him, too.

    I have been the caregiver, myself, so I appreciate that it's sometimes hard to put on the brave face and be the supportive one when you also feel scared inside. I don't know if I have good tips for caregivers other than to make sure you take time to give yourself support, too.

    I'm happy to be here, every day, The support I have received not only gives me strength, but it reminds me that each day is an opportunity to be my best self (not just for me but for the others around me).

  • orangeflower
    orangeflower Member Posts: 95
    edited November 2023

    Just wanted to hop on this thread and let anyone without caregivers know that you're not alone. It can be hard to read about the wonderful support that others are receiving but you aren't. Sending cyber hugs to anyone who sees this and needs one.