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Left breast masectomy with reconstruction January 2023

tcalvert1221 Member Posts: 2

I was told that my breast would be symmetrical with surgery. I had a tummy tuck with the surgery. My reconstructed breast is heavy and tight. I have been in extreme pain all year and had to have my reconstructed breast drained twice. They are only here to collect fees and get paid for their work so they are done with me. I have still experiencing a rash since January that travels around my body and will not go away. Any suggestions? During my surgery, they also removed a lymph. I am seeking an experienced surgeon to do corrective breast reconstruction and live in Louisiana and do not know anyone except for the team of doctors I currently have and want a second option. I have reached out and waiting to hear back.


  • rrobin0200
    rrobin0200 Member Posts: 80

    Feel free to pm me; I am in Louisiana as well (Nola) and I had an amazing team. I’m sorry you’re suffering like this.