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Concerning and confusing screening mammogram

49 y/o female, 110 lbs, 5’4”, Caucasian, post menopausal, on hormone replacement therapy since 2/10/2023.

I went for my annual screening mammogram and screening breast ultrasound for dense breasts on Thursday and this is my mammogram report. The mammogram report is so confusing to me and am requesting help to understand it:

EXAMINATION: Bilateral digital breast Tomosynthesis with reconstructed 2D images was performed and interpreted in conjunction with computer-aided detection.COMPARISON: Prior studies dating back to 4/12/2019

BREAST DENSITY: The breasts are heterogeneously dense which may obscure small masses


There is no suspicious mass, calcification or distortion in the right breast.

Nodular focal asymmetries are seen in the upper outer left breast, anterior to middle third and lower, slightly inner left breast, middle third. Additional imaging is needed. BIRADS 0

Please note, screening ultrasound was performed today and reported separately.

My screening ultrasound report:

Indication: Screening

Examination: bilateral whole breast ultrasound, supplemental screening.

Most recent mammogram: same day

Findings: evaluation was performed of all four quadrants of both breasts, the retroareolar region and the axilla. In the left breast at 3:00, 2 cm from the nipple there is a stable 0.7 cm hypoechoic lesion.

There is no suspicious cystic or solid abnormality or abnormal shadowing in the BILATERAL breasts. Morphologically benign-appearing lymph nodes are present in the BILATERAL axilla.

IMPRESSION: There is no sonographic evidence of malignancy. Please see mammogram report also today for recommendation.

BIRADS Category 2: benign finding

In 2019, I had my first mammogram and there was a Nodular asymmetry in the left CC lateral third only, it was determined to be a benign simple cyst and the stable 0.7 cm hypoechoic lesion was also initially identified. I’ve had annual mammograms at the same place since 2019.

Next Wednesday, I am going back for more imaging (mammogram + ultrasound) of the left breast.


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 766

    Hi @tuberose , I'm sorry that you have to deal with the stress of a callback. Focal asymmetry means that area of your breast appears different from the corresponding part of your other breast. Since this is often caused by a less than perfect image you are assigned a score of BIRADS 0 which mean additional views are needed to give a score. Your ultrasound was benign; stable is good. Chances are excellent that nothing unfavorable will be found at your upcoming appointment. All the best!

  • tuberose
    tuberose Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for taking the time to respond, Maggie. I have anxiety, and panic attacks and your response helped clear some questions up for me. I will do my scheduled follow up.

  • tuberose
    tuberose Member Posts: 3

    My Update-my diagnostic mammogram and diagnostic ultrasound found two benign simple cysts. These cysts were the areas of Nodular focal asymmetry. The radiologist said I could return to an annual routine screening.

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 766

    Great news @tuberose ! Thanks for letting us know.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,683

    @tuberose, great news! We are very happy for you and glad everything was benign!

    The Mods