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Looking for ILC Survival Stories

sanazsabeti65 Member Posts: 15

Hi All, I'm looking for ILC survival stories to give me hope. My older sister was diagnosed with ILC in October. After Ultrasound, MRI and MRI guided biopsy they realized that her tumor is multi focal ( about 5.5 cm ) or it could be larger. They are scheduling her for surgery ( double mastectomy) . Her stage at this point is either 2B or 3A depending on lymph nodes involvement. Her MRI didn't show any lymph nodes involvement but they would know that for sure once they do sentinel node biopsy during surgery. Her doctor said they since tumor is fairly large it's high likely that lymph nodes are involved. I'm trying to be there for my sister but I'm also scared so I can use some positive survival stories


  • momcat1962
    momcat1962 Member Posts: 172

    My mom was diagnosed one year ago. Right radical/modified mastectomy. She is 82 years old and could not have chemo and only went through 11 of 33 radiation treatments due to it causing severe esophagitis. She is currently on Verzenio and letrozole. And doing well. Any updates for your sister?

  • sanazsabeti65
    sanazsabeti65 Member Posts: 15
    edited January 31

    Thanks for your comment. My sister had bilateral mastectomy done on Jan 02. Tumor was about 4.2cm on the right breast. They took out 2 lymph nodes during surgery & one came back positive. Left breast was clean. Doctor said it's stage 2a. They are currently waiting for oncotype dx score results to confirm if she needs chemo. My sister said she doesn't want to do chemo unless her oncotype score comes back high. We'll see what happens. Please keep her in your prayers 🙏. Hope your mom is doing well & glad to hear she didn't have any bad side effects from letrozole