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Need MRI guided biopsy after my yearly MRI


I had my yearly MRI yesterday and knew something was amiss when my results were not posted in my portal the same day. A radiologist called me today to say there a small area of enhancement next to the area of my lumpectomy. An MRI guided biopsy is needed but the area is far back and they are not sure they can reach the area this way but will try before scheduling a surgical biopsy. My last breast cancer was caught by MRI exactly 8 years ago this month and I had an MRI guided biopsy almost 8 years to the date my biopsy is scheduled for. I was called back in August after my mammogram for additional images and an US and was then told they thought the area they were seeing was scar tissue. Upsetting to know that if this is cancer, this could have been caught this summer.


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,088

    Hi @jonib , I'm sorry that you have to get on the rollercoaster again and go through the stress of another biopsy. I understand the upset of thinking that something could have been done earlier. I was diagnosed two and a half years after the first sign of something wrong and what would probably have been DCIS had become stage 2 IDC. While the actual tumor was hidden by radial scars the doctors at the large hospital I went to for treatment noted mammographic and physical signs that should have been caught by the radiologist and my now retired PCP. However, it's all water under the bridge now.

    Hopefully the biopsy won't find anything concerning. Let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed for benign!

  • jonib
    jonib Member Posts: 94

    Thank you @maggie15 . I checked my MRI notes from December 2015 and they are almost identical to this week's MRI. Hoping for the best but I'm fairly sure it's going to be malignant. Spending today researching doctors since almost my entire team has left the medical center I received treatment at.