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Not yet gotten testing


need some thoughts, comfort or encouragement on my current situation. I have a diagnostic mammogram and bilateral ultrasound on Wednesday but struggling with the wait.

I have had severe itching of the R breast nipple and areola about a year. It was nipple, then whole areola then below the areola and it feels like a deep itch. I even wake in the night scratching. I did a self exam the other day because I’ve been wondering if maybe there’s something else going on. Immediately during the self-exam, I felt something but unsure what- and had pain that has lasted 3 days. It radiates to my shoulder blade and into my neck on that side.

My gyno was out and the office wanted me to go to urgent care within 24 hours. The urgent care did an exam, noted some streaking, a ring and redness around the nipple. She also saw how much pain there was to touch a centralized spot under my nipple. She requested me to get an ultrasound ASAP and gave me antibiotics/steroids.

I’m now having burning in that breast and my nipple looks ‘puckered’ on that side. Can breast cancer really advance all the sudden? What does this sound like?


  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 190

    Hi @melmabes. I’m not able to answer any of your questions but I still wanted to say Hi and welcome here. That definitely does not sound normal. And how uncomfortable!! I hope you get answers quickly and find relief!