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Did Fosamax/alendronate slow/stop your bone loss

simonerc Member Posts: 149

At the decision making point of whether to continue Aromatase Inhibitor. Just began alendronate a few months ago. Next DEXA due in July. Did Fosamax/alendronate pump the brakes on your bone loss while you continued with Aromatase Inhibitor? Or did your scores continue to decline at the same rate? Or did you see improvement on your scores? Looking to hear your experiences. Thanks so much to everyone who takes the time to reply!


  • ctmbsikia
    ctmbsikia Member Posts: 749
    edited December 2023

    Hi, I can't really say if the osteoporosis medicine (Prolia) that I've been on is working or not. My T Scores were in the OS range at diagnosis, and while this is my 6th year and I am continuing the AI, my DEXA from 2 years ago was in the osteopenia range, which hip scored better than prior and spine was no change. I just had another DEXA and my hip has increased 5% but still in osteopenia range, and my spine got worse and is now in OS range at -2.5. Had 2 yrs. (4 shots of the Prolia) in 6 yrs. Had issues with my insurance covering it in the beginning.

    See my MO in February. Not sure what he will recommend. Should also mention I've also lost bone in my mouth as my dentist has referred me to a periodontist. Haven't called them yet, waiting til after the 1st.

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 766

    Hi @simonerc , I have done well with alendronate which I have been cycling on and off of for about 10 years (started before breast cancer.) The advantage for me is being able to have invasive dental work done within a two month stoppage. Since I have a history of extractions and jaw bone infection I stick to the old school med. My endocrinologist keeps me in the osteopenia range (up from osteoporosis) and monitors my urinary N-pelopeptide levels to make sure it as working in between DEXA scans. Zometa infusions have the advantage of decreasing the chance of a recurrence but require a longer break for serious dental work. So far I have avoided osteonecrosis which is painful and difficult to treat (worse than osteomyelitis for which I needed oral surgery and IV antibiotics.) I hope alendronate works well for you.

  • simonerc
    simonerc Member Posts: 149

    ctmbsikia, I hear you on the bone in the mouth. I have a long standing relationship with my periodontist…. They also see bone loss for me. Factoring that into my decision as well. I hope you have a good experience with the periodontist. I love mine. I know they just “need” to be good. But being thoughtful, calm, thorough and a good communicator as well really helps me as a patient as well. For me, tooth stuff makes me anxious 😬

    Maggie15, super glad to hear you are stayin in the osteopenia range And avoiding ONJ! On alendronate for the reasons you stated. Been doing perio for 30 years and since I am still relatively young want to leave options for other meds down the road. I really appreciate hearing about monitoring for N-telopeptide as well.

    Thank you both so much!!!

  • elainetherese
    elainetherese Member Posts: 1,625

    I was on Fosamax for about six months before my MO found a way to get me on Prolia. Two years after starting Aromasin + Zoladex, my dexascan showed that I had full-blown osteoporosis and was at a high risk for bone fracture. Since Foxamax/Prolia, my bone density has improved to osteopenia. I can't say whether it was just due to Fosamax, however.

  • simonerc
    simonerc Member Posts: 149


    Glad to hear your bone density improved regardless of which medication!!!