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Additional ultrasound


So I live in a state that does not automatically do an additional ultrasound when you have dense breasts.. I've asked about getting an ultrasound in addition to my mammogram but they tell me they don't do it.. is there any way to approach my doctors so I can get a supplemental ultrasound?... I would actually even pay for one as well...

Thank you


  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 725

    @horse2310 Ultrasound is best used when there is known area of possible concern. It is not the most accurate to use for a general look at dense breast tissue. It becomes a fishing expedition. The best alternative study besides mammo is an MRI for dense breast tissue. Typically to have insurance pay for MRI you have to meet a high risk group. If you have concerns best to discuss with your doctor. Best Wishes.

  • sarahmaude
    sarahmaude Member Posts: 338

    I'm also in a state that doesn't automatically do ultrasound on screening. However, my doctor orders it along with the mammogram now. At least it's saving me from coming back for an ultrasound when the mammogram shows something of possible concern. I hate callbacks, and I'm very happy that I cover it all in one visit. And of course the callbacks I had were on the noncancerous breast. Dense tissue definitely creates a more challenging situation for us!

    For me, all the beneficial imaging I had with my diagnosis was mammographic or ultrasound. The MRI was so sensitive it ended up indicating benign areas of concern that almost ruled out the lumpectomy I wanted. Also, the IV for the MRI caused a DVT in my arm which delayed my surgery and kept me from being a candidate for the DIEP I'd have chosen if a lumpectomy wasn't an option.

  • moderators
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