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Architectural Distortion


I just received results from a screening mammogram. An archtiectural distortion was noted in the left breast with no mass observed. I am being asked to go back for a diagnostic mammogram and an ultra sound. I have to wait 2 weeks for these tests which is very anxiety producing. It was noted that the architectural distortion was observed on only one picture. Any experiences/advice about this?


  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 188

    Hello @ellie1. I’m so sorry, waiting is hard. I don’t know enough to give advice on “architectural distortions” but wanted to at least say Hi. Most of us here fully understand the wait. My only thought is perhaps you could request being on a cancellation list for a quicker appointment if you haven’t already. Best wishes for good results!

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,002
    edited January 6

    Hi @ellie1, Architectural distortion is when the breast tissue appears a bit pulled out of shape but no mass or calcifications are seen. It can be caused by benign lesions like a radial scar or fat necrosis or by cancer. The diagnostic mammogram will provide a more detailed view. It is good that you are also having an ultrasound since that can show lesions that do not appear on mammograms.

    I had a callback mammogram for AD on one view (but no ultrasound) and was given the all clear. Two and a half years later suspicious calcifications appeared in the same spot leading to a biopsy and IDC diagnosis. Of course, every person’s situation is different.

    There is no way of knowing without going through the imaging and, if necessary, biopsy process. As needs.a.nap said the waiting involved is hard but breast cancer is not an emergency. Mine was still considered early stage despite the delayed diagnosis. Here’s hoping that yours is benign!

  • brutersmom
    brutersmom Member Posts: 913

    Go through with the testing. Mine was architectural distortion. I was told most are benign. I was one of the unlucky ones.