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Arimidex brand vs generic


I want to share my experience to hopefully help others decide. I tried the generic anastrozole and stopped after day one. Side effects were unbearable. I informed my oncologist that I decided not to do the hormonal treatment because of side effects and asked if she would monitor me instead. Thankfully she agreed to. But I then decided to give the brand name a try...Arimidex. Eagle Pharmacy online cost with a doctor's prescription is $60 a month. Their pharmacist said my awful side effects were due to the fillers in the generic. I had an allergic reaction. I'm happy to say so far I haven't had any side effects on the brand name. Crossing my fingers. I do want to add...studies are being done that older women like me still benefit if taking an AI every other day instead of every day. That taking it every day is more toxic in our older bodies. It equals out taking it every other day. This is still in the study phase but makes sense to me. So I'm taking it every other day. I let my oncologist know. She is ordering a breast MRI and then six months later a mammogram so I can be monitored. Thanks for listening.


  • jonib
    jonib Member Posts: 94

    Hi - I’ve been getting my name brand Arimidex from Eagle Pharmacy as well. No bad side effects that others report: when I started I was paying $30 a month - now $60.

  • pinkrules
    pinkrules Member Posts: 97

    Yikes. That's a huge jump in cost but I guess it's still better than the generic. CVS wanted to charge me $2,000 a month for the brand name, my insurance won't cover it. I'm so glad someone here recommended going through Eagle Pharmacy. My oncologist was thrilled because I had already decided not to do hormonal treatment because of the awful side effects I had experience. She said that she hasn't prescribed the name brand in over ten years. I'm hoping this will help others under her care who can not tolerate the generic brands. I cut out my wine drinking so that helps pay for most of it!