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Triple negative and oestrogen positive

ames2023 Member Posts: 1

Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help.

I was diagnosed with invasive, aggressive, triple negative breast cancer in May 2023 with some micrometastasis in 3 out of 4 lymph nodes.

Have had surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. Apparently 5% of the cancer was oestrogen positive and my oncologist if leaving the option to take the Tamoxifen up to me.

Unsure what to do? I am thinking no? Can someone who has been in this situation please help?

Thanks so much.


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    @ames2023, welcome again to our community! 🤗

    We're sorry to see that your post didn't receive responses. By bumping your discussion, we hope to bring more attention to it, increasing the chances of getting helpful insights from those who have faced similar decisions. Your treatment decisions can be overwhelming, and we understand that. Please let us know if we, Mods, can help you in any way. We're here for you!


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  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 346

    Up to you but I would probably try it and if the side effects were bad then give it up with no guilt whatsoever.