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Finding and Treating Inactive Breast Cancer Cells


Finding and Treating Inactive Breast Cancer Cells

Feb 2, 2024

Dr. Angela DeMichele explains her research on treating inactive breast cancer cells to prevent recurrence.

At the European Society for Medical Oncology 2023 Congress, Dr. DeMichele presented results from the CLEVER study, which looked at ways to treat inactive breast cancer cells that remained in people who were previously treated for breast cancer. The results suggest that it might be possible to find and treat these inactive breast cancer cells, which could help prevent breast cancer recurrence (the cancer coming back).

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. DeMichele explain:

  • how inactive breast cancer cells survive chemotherapy
  • how the inactive cells wake up and cause a recurrence
  • the results of the CLEVER study
  • next steps for the research

Listen now or read the transcript.



  • weninwi
    weninwi Member Posts: 762

    The podcast/article "Finding and Treating Inactive Breast Cancer Cells" is very interesting and promising. Hydroxychloroquine is very affordable.

  • zen1028
    zen1028 Member Posts: 84

    This is very promising. With rising cancer diagnosis, could we fast track any of these promising trials, especially the vaccines?

  • monarchandthemilkweed
    monarchandthemilkweed Member Posts: 166

    this is extremely exciting research