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Breast Cancer and hysterectomy


Hi All, Hope all are doing good.

I am diagnosed with breast cancer in left breast in Oct last year and Mastectomy was done Nov last year. In 2019 I was first diagnosed with breast cancer right side and mastectomy was done. Both time ER/PR + and Her2-. Onco Type score was very low so no chemo on both time. I was on tamoxifen after 1st occurrence but I diagnosed again in last year so oncologist suggest to have ovaries removed.

I am 45 years and I do not have plan for kids. I am kind of decided get ovaries removed. So I went ahead and met with surgeon and he suggested to have remove uterus as well. Reason he gave is there are chances of cancer or other infections keeping uterus. I checked with oncologist on same and he also kind of inclined removing uterus (hysterectomy) along with ovaries.

I did some research and I found that removing ovaries make more sense as cancer came back 2nd for me. And I was on tamoxifen so that can play role in re-occurrence. And with ovary suppression I have to take shots every month for almost 10 years or so. And that may bring some of side effects.

Now here I am not able to make my mind on

  1. Should I go ahead remove uterus as well along with overlies or keep uterus and just remove ovaries?
  2. If I go with removing uterus will there be more side effects in longer term which may affect quality of life?
  3. Or should I just consider Ovarian Suppression only by taking shots and not to remove any organ which I will not get back once they are removed.

As this junction of life me and my husband want quality of life instead of dealing with this again and again. It has been very ruff since 2019. So please share your experience, advise and suggestions.

God bless you all


  • mandy23
    mandy23 Member Posts: 113

    Hi @tdpan2023 -

    Sorry you have had to join us, but glad you have found us. Especially sorry you have joined our super 'special' group of multiple dx. 😝

    First of all, KNOW that whatever decision you make for YOU…it is the RIGHT decision. No one but you knows how you will feel. Others (like me) can only tell you their experiences. What was the right decision for me, may or may not be the right decision for you.

    My first dx was when I was 47 in 2003. I had a right side MX. I didn't need chemo and at the time some studies were showing removal/suppression of ovaries improved recurrence odds. I had my ovaries/tubes removed. It was one of my 'easier' surgeries as it was done lapro and out-patient. I think I had it done on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. YMMV. At the time, some suggested I could also have my uterus removed. I felt I had had enough body parts removed and didn't feel removing the uterus was warranted in my case. It was a bigger surgery and I think PAP tests do a pretty good job of finding uterine cancer. It maybe would have reduced more estrogen…but then not all bc is ER+. I went on Femara (Letrozole) for 8 years.

    I was dxd again this time with a new bc on the left side in 2022 and had another MX at age 66. I could have also chosen a bi-lateral MX the first time, but didn't go that route either. I have NO regrets about my decisions. I am again on Letrozole and doing well (as far as I know).

    Would removing my uterus the first time have eliminated the 2nd dx? No one knows, but I doubt it. Would having a bilateral MX the 1st time have eliminated the 2nd dx? Maybe. But, it doesn't matter. I made the right decisions for me at the time I made them. You need to decide what your 'gut' tells you and listen to that. Once you make that decision, it is the RIGHT decision.

    Best of luck!