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Frustrated with non-answers.


I had a lump ectomy and radiation 10 years ago so the doctors tell me I can’t have it again. I must have a mastectomy. And I do want reconstruction but I really don’t want to have silicone or saline. Challenge is I keep getting a runaround from the doctors about how awful it is and all the complications and everything and the few people that I’ve talked to say they haven’t had a problem. Has anyone else had the flap surgery and can you tell me what your recovery has been like ?

I live in Maine


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 5,060

    I have not had flap surgery but I would venture to guess that other members have a wealth of information and experience on every type of reconstruction that’s available. Have you scrolled through the threads in the reconstruction forum? Look for threads that are active. Take care

  • moderators
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    We're so sorry, @maggiesmumma23, we know it can be so frustrating when you aren't getting the answers you need from your medical teams. We have quite a few active threads in the breast reconstruction forum that relate to DIEP flap reconstruction, but THIS THREAD in particular is full of member's sharing their experiences with recovery, specifically. That may be a good place to start!

    In addition, you can learn about all types of flap (autologous reconstruction) here:

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  • nns121317
    nns121317 Member Posts: 116

    I'm partially through DIEP, after having implants - my surgeon does the flap in three stages, not two, so it's a little different. One thing I can advise is that for a flap procedure, you have to have a great doctor that you absolutely faith in and communicate well with. It's a big deal with a lot of details.

    I had a BMX up front, but the other thing is that it's my understanding you can only do DIEP once. Not sure if you're looking at a single or double mastectomy, but if it's only one breast you may wish to consider how you would reconstruct the other one, if necessary at some point.