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Fulvestrant and ribociclib with Turkey Tail Extract - can anyone help?

Hi to all,

I am writing on behalf of my mother who is currently undergoing treatment for her metastatic breast cancer. The tumour travelled to her spine and to liver. She had to undergo extensive spinal surgery a few weeks ago which she is currently recovering from. She has now began her treatment with fulvestrant and has had her first injection, which she is managing well. The next stage is to begin taking ribociclib.

My mother had cancer 7 years ago and recovered and was in remission. She took the alternative path. And it worked for her then.

The circumstance is very different now and we are walking a more clinical road. I have researched wonderful responses to the fulvestrant and ribocyclib combination.

I have also read varying research on supplementing this treatment with turkey tail extract. I understand this approach is common in China and Japan, with chemo.

I am writing and opening this thread to ask for some help / advise / any information or experience people may have with undergoing this particular treatment and also supplementing with mushroom extract.

We are big believers in nature as a source of healing. And choosing a treatment that you believe in. And this belief being a big part in healing too. Whatever the belief is.

The pharmacist has 'advised' against it. Not a solid no, in response but certainly an encouraged no due to any interference with ribocyclib, with turkey tail's anti-oxidising action.

Can anyone offer any thoughts on this too, in terms of risk of interference?

And one last question. Is anyone taking any other supplements with this treatment? We will meet with a naturopath soon too to hopefully give us some advice on nutrition and what particular vitamins and minerals she'll need to support her.

Any and all insights are valuable.

warmth and light to everyone on their journey,



  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 843

    Hi @stefftrees00 , I'm sorry that your mother is now dealing with mbc. Fulvestrant with a CDK4/6 inhibitor (ribociclib is one of three) is first line standard of care for ER+ tumors and works well for some time for many people.

    The pharmacist is probably recommending against turkey tail (coriolus versicolor) because in a human study healthy volunteers and breast cancer patients using coriolus had elevated CD4+ counts. Since one role of ribociclib is to lower those counts coriolus could possibly lessen the effect of ribociclib. No study has been done to see if this happens but taking something which might make a medication less effective is probably not a good idea even if it doesn't cause side effects. Here is a link to this information on Memorial Sloan Kettering's herb and integrative medicine thread.

    It is a good idea to get your traditional medicine MO's input on any supplements recommended by a naturopath or anyone else. I hope your mother gets a long run on her first treatment.