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Scar tissue near Lumpectomy area



Just had an ultrasound and scarred that the areas in question might be recurrance. Now they want me to have a MRI. Can you please share your experience with ultrasound reports, mri's that show up as suspicious near your original tumor/lumpectomy site.

I'm 8.4 years out and had 36 rounds of radiation, chemo, lumpectomy and more target therapy TCHP and aromasin 7 years. Can all this show up on testing as looking like a mass?

It all seems so endless. Really praying for good results. Need to talk to others who have had this type of scare….

Wishing all of you strenght to carry on with your bc journey.

FYI I'm Estrogen+ & HER+ 65 yrs old



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    @teal, we're sorry you didn't get responses to this. We're bumping your thread so more people will see it and you have a better chance of a reply. You mentioned scheduling an MRI after your recent ultrasound. Did you
    manage to get the MRI done, and have you received any results yet? Having to wait for medical test results can be extremely stressful, know that we're here to support you through this. Please, come back to let us know how you're doing!


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