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I started my first radiation treatment yesterday. I’m supposed to receive 15 total. I would say my breast feels tender and afterwards it was slightly achy. However, I am TIRED. I went to bed a bit earlier because I was tired early. I’m tired today also. Does this sound normal? I was told that the fatigue would come on after a couple weeks.


  • pinkbutterfly71
    pinkbutterfly71 Member Posts: 26

    Hi I am going this Friday to my radiologist to begin the measurements etc to get started on my treatments. (I had my 1st surgery in January of this year) I was told the same thing about fatigue starting later in the treatments but I’m hearing more and more people say they are tired right after.

  • mountainsandme
    mountainsandme Member Posts: 14

    Thank you, good luck with everything!

  • pinkbutterfly71
    pinkbutterfly71 Member Posts: 26

    Thank you ! Same to you sis