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Been on Letrozole almost 4 years IDC

walkingmydestiny Member Posts: 22

I will not list all the SE I had during my last 4 years on the 2 ALS I tried but it was not good. I took a 41/2 week break still had some major foot pain, sores not healed up in nose and very itchy scalp any how I am now cutting my Letrozole pill in half and taking it every other dayIF my SE come back in full I am done. I figure 4 years is bound to have helped some. My stats are: grade 1A stage 1 no node involved IDC tumor sz 1.5 oncotype 16 with a 4% reoccurrence with an Al taken 5 years I guess it would be 8% if no Al taken.I was 64 when diagnosed will be 68 in june. oh yea i am also getting prolia shots twice a year no side affects from it. i have read terrible things about when you stop prolia shots so thats my next worry..... Good luck to me😎