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I want to know about lumpectomy and mastectomy


My sister diagnosed with stage 2 dcis er + and pr+ now she is undergoing for chemo and doctor said lump has shrunk so can any one able to advise whether I need to go for lumpectomy or mastectomy

Tumor size 4cm


  • exbrnxgrl
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    We are not doctors and, more importantly, we are not your or your sister’s doctor. Arguments can be made either way for lumpectomy vs mastectomy. There may be other factors involved and of course personal preferences if you are offered a choice but your doctor is the best person to discuss the pros and cons of each surgery based on your personal situation.

  • moderators
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    @anushak We're really sorry to hear about what your sister is going through, but pleased to hear that the chemotherapy is effective in shrinking the tumor!

    As @exbrnxgrl said, it's really a difficult, and personal decision.

    Here is an article that may at least help you and your sister:

    We're here for you!